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KEMP Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2000 in Bethpage, New York and operates in the application delivery controller industry. The company creates load balancing products which balance user traffic between multiple servers in an organization, business or managed service provider’s infrastructure.
In 2010, KEMP opened a European headquarters in Limerick, Ireland. Edison Ventures, Kennet Partners and ORIX Venture Finance invested $16 million into the company for research and development, sales and marketing in early 2012.
In April 2014, KEMP announced a further investment in its Limerick Operations to expand from 30 positions to 80.
Application Centric Load Balancers:
  • Optimize web and application infrastructure for high-performance, flexible scaling, security and ease of management.
  • Enable virtual infrastructure administrators to gain the control and predictability of their environment and ensure the highest levels of application availability and quality of experience (QoE).
  • Reduce total cost-of-ownership for highly available and optimized application infrastructure.
Our clients run the gamut from Fortune 50 companies to commercial businesses, remote enterprise branch offices, managed service providers and education/public sector clients.

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