Elfiq Launches New Internet Load Balancers for SMBs

As of November 2015, the LBX400 Series contains three different models. This new structure allows small and medium businesses to take advantage of the company’s Flex Multipath Routing technology for multisite deployments. Multinational organizations can also deploy multiple devices in branch offices around the world to build a resilient web of Link Balancers to guarantee uninterrupted connectivity.

With the LBX430, and using Elfiq Networks’ exclusive Layer-2 design for inline transparent installation and utilization, organizations can manage and link load balance up to 8 ISP or private links with a total throughput of 400 Mbps to ensure maximum uptime and added the performance of many ISP links without redesigning their network.When it is equipped with an Enterprise License Pack, the LBX400 can have up to two virtualized instances of the Elfiq Link Balancer into the same physical hardware allowing to balance safely public and private networks.

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